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The Law Office of Mullaney & Mullaney

Located in Montgomery County, Mullaney & Mullaney was founded by brothers, Marty and Gerry Mullaney. The two combined, have dedicated over 45 years to serving the people of Southeastern Pennsylvania through the practice of law.

Our law firm takes great pride in providing exceptional service to both clients and potential clients, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including any emergency cases. Every case receives the full attention of the firm’s founding partners along with the entire legal team.

Mullaney & Mullaney vigorously advocates for client rights and interests. Combined with our network of resources, strong professional relationships, respect and trust from peers, and just as importantly, tireless work ethic—enables us to provide knowledgeable legal representation—always striving to obtain the best possible outcome for each client.

As our client, you will be treated in a professional and personal manner. Rest assured, we will use every possible resource available, including 75 years of our attorneys’ combined experience, to provide the legal representation you and your loved ones deserve.

If you have questions about a legal matter, please contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation – (610) 584-4416.