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August 20, 2013

Martin Mullaney’s client surrenders to begin serving jail time.

Attorney Martin P. Mullaney said his client, Justin Matthew Jackson, is filled with remorse and regret and surrendered to begin serving jail time while awaiting trial….

Source: Pottstown Patch
May 30, 2013

Frank Genovese files a notice of apppeal with the Pennsylvania Superior Court

Frank Genovese filed a notice of appeal with Pennsylvania Superior Court in January after the dismissal of the Post-Conviction Relief Act Petition in Montgomery County Court. The Montgomery Courty DA’s Office stand by the conviction. The Prosecutors filed their response to the appeal in May….

May 15, 2013

Martin Mullaney Argues for Leniency for Blue Bell Man

Defense attorney Martin Mullaney represented Ryan Buterbaugh who was sentenced to county jail time after he plead guilty to a misdemeanor charge of indecent assault of an unconscious person. Other charges of rape, sexual assault and aggravated indecent assault were dismissed. “It was a fair sentence based on the peculiar facts and circumstances of the case,” said defense lawyer Martin P. Mullaney….

Source: Ambler Gazette
May 14, 2013

Jerry Mullaney Represents Victim of Pottstown Dog Attack

Personal injury attorney Jerry Mullaney filed a lawsuit on behalf of 44-year-old Lower Pottsgrove resident, Kurt Buchler and his wife. Buchler was injured after distracting three dogs that were mauling a 19-year-old girl. The animals stop attacking the young woman; however, they subsequently ran after and attacked Buchler…

Source: Pottstown Mercury
May 4, 2013

Marty Mullaney Defends Young Woman Involved in Limerick Car Crash

According to defense attorney, Marty Mullaney, “It’s a tragic case — a young girl who had a promising future who started making bad decisions,” referring to his 22-year-old client, Arrison Renee Bunner. Bunner was sentenced to 14-59 months in jail after taking responsibility for crashing into a telephone pole with her car while under the influence of Amphetamine (“speed”), an accident that left her passenger, 26-year-old Brian Blackwell severely injured…

Source: Pottstown Mercury
May 1, 2013

Martin Mullaney Defends Teen in Texting While Driving Accident

Defense attorney Martin Mullaney along with co-defense lawyer Francis Genovese are defending Justin Matthew Jackson, 18 who is believed to be the first person to be prosecuted under a new state law that bans drivers from writing, reading or sending text messages while the car is in motion. Jackson is also charged with homicide by vehicle while driving under the influence of a controlled substance, and other charges….

Source: Mainline Media News
Oct 4,2012

Assault charges dropped against Lower Gwynedd father

Defense attorney Martin Mullaney, applauds the decision of the District Attorney to drop the charges against his client Jed Borislow of Lower Gwynedd. Borislow was distraught because he believed that his son, who had cerebral palsy, was not receiving the proper care. When police were called to the school for a reported disturbance, Borislow was arrested…

Source: Montgomery News
Sept 26,2012

Preliminary hearing held in New Hanover SUV shooting incident

Defense attorney Martin Mullaney representing David Beamer, 51, of Perkiomenville admitted the victim has been through a “harrowing” experience, but made the point at the preliminary hearing that the incident was an accident…

Source: The Mercury
APR 12, 2011

Petition filed after new DNA evidence surfaces

Frank Genovese, criminal defense attorney, is representing a man who served 12 years for the murder of a woman in 1986. An FBI report detailed that there was female blood found on the victims jacket, that may have been another woman’s. Also, a Warminster Police Department incident report states it was a female who called…

APR 2, 2011

Jury will hear babysitter’s prior statements in Montco murder case

Defense attorney Martin Mullaney is representing a 38-year-old woman whose ex-husband allegedly coerced a confession from her regarding a murder that occurred nearly two decades ago…

Source: CBS Philly
NOV 1, 2011

Assault at Halloween party leads to civil suit

Jerry Mullaney, a personal injury lawyer, is representing the family of a high school girl who was indecently assaulted by teenage Perkiomen boy at an underage Halloween drinking party. The boy’s father, who lives in Skippack, permitted the party at his home, acted with “reckless, outrageous” conduct, a lawsuit alleged…

Source: The Times Herald

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